Our mission is to make expert immigration advice available, accessible and
affordable. With the Home Office continually changing Immigration Rules, often to
satisfy Government rhetoric, what is already a complex set of rules has increasingly
become even more complex, so our job every day is to breakdown these rules and
make it simple for those we need them. As well as using experts with vast
experience in UK immigration rules at the highest level we utilise modern technology and resource to ensure you don’t have to spend all your time on making a visa application, renewing your visa or sponsoring someone.



I can 100% recommended LSS Legal to anyone , Lamin Sarr was fantastic/amazing an i got exactly the outcome i wanted, A massive thank to LSS Legal for the help and support to putting my case together. Lamin sarr was and professional and compassionate an work tirelessly to complies evidences to ensure i was fully informed from start to end . Even the moment i was struggling financially , he gave me very reasonable payment plan to lessen my stress for short to say . I would recommended LSS Legal to anyone.



Could not expect better services offered prompt and professional.

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