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UK Settlement

There are many different ways or routes of acquiring settlement status within the UK immigration rules. Settlement, which is commonly referred as “Indefinite Leave to Remain” is a significant conjunction in an immigration journey, one that can be hugely rewarding because it paves the way for citizenship. Because of the various different ways of being eligible for settlement it is vital that you get the correct route and form before sending your application to the Home Office with a fee. With non-refundable fees, if you send an application prematurely or miss key information, you will find yourself needing to do it all over again.


At LSS Legal we have expert and services which can make this hassle and stress free for you and your family. We have the resources and knowledge to guide you through the process step by step and even handle your application end to end with our bespoke service. Contact us here for more detail (insert link for contact)

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