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Our fees are FIXED and cover all our work for representing you on your case. It means, for your application package, you will receive UNLIMITED advice and guidance from beginning to the point of receiving a decision from the Home Office. Our goal is to give you the maximum peace of mind so you can spend your valuable time on other important things in your life. If you have any question, please contact us here and we will be happy to help. Our hourly rate is £105 per hourly which is only available if this is better suited to you than the fix fee. We only offer one or the other and is not possible to mix. Our appeal fees include representing you in court and there will be no additional fee for advocacy. 

Key stages of handling visa application


Stage 1

We will arrange a video or telephone call to take information about the client’s circumstances and provide initial advice on their case.


Stage 2

We will then provide a detailed note of advice setting out the requirements to be met, the likelihood of success, the timeline and the next steps.


Stage 3

We will then advise the client on the documents and information required to progress their visa application.


Stage 4

Once all the information and documents necessary for the application are obtained, we will submit the application to the Home Office together with our legal representations and see it through to a decision.

LSS LEGAL SERVICES 2023            20% VAT chargeable


                Consultation      £80.00

                Hourly rate          £200.00

                Others ad hoc work hourly rate  £200.00

Visit Visa Entry Clearance Applications                   

                Visit Visa Applications    £1,000.00          

Family Related Visa Applications               

                Entry Clearance Applications       £2,000.00

                Leave to remain applications       £2,000.00

                ILR Application  £2,000.00

                Adult Dependent Relative Visa Applications          £2,200.00          

Business visa applications                            

                Entry Clearance Application         £2,600.00

                Endorsement application (with business plan)     £2,600.00

                Endorsement application (without business plan)               £1,600.00

                Extension of Visas – Leave to remain        £1,950.00

                ILR Applications £1,950.00          

Students and dependents                            

                Entry Clearance Application         £950.00

                Leave to remain £1,100.00                          

Sponsorship License Applications                             

                Sponsor licence advice and representation            £3,000.00

                SMS management            £800.00              

Citizenship Applications                

                British Citizenship Applications   £1,500.00                          

EU Applications                

                Appendix EU applications             £1,650.00                          


                Appeals to the First-tier Tribunal £2,600.00

                Permission to Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal      £700.00

                Appeals to the Upper Tribunal     £3,000.00

                Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal          £800.00              

Administrative Review Applications                         

                Administrative Review Applications          £1,500.00          

Bail Applications                              

                Immigration Bail Applications SSHD          £1,500.00

                Immigration Bail Applications to FTT        £2,500.00          

Asylum & Human Rights Applications                     

                Asylum Application          £2,000.00

                Family Reunion Applications        £1,200.00

                Out of Rules – Human Rights Applications             £1,500.00          

Miscellaneous Applications                         

                Travel Document Application       £650.00

                Subject Access Request Application          £500.00

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