Our fees are FIXED and inclusive of VAT. It means, for your application package, you will receive UNLIMITED advice and guidance from beginning to the point of receiving a decision from the Home Office. Our goal is to give you the maximum peace of mind so you can spend your valuable time on other important things in your live. If you have any question, please contact us here and we will be happy to help.

British Citizenship  £1300

Family of British Citizens & Settled Persons    £1300
EU Law Applications (None Settled Status)    £1200
EEA application (settlement scheme only)      £150
Settlement/ILR       £1500
UK Work Visas      £1500
UK Student Visas   £900
UK Visitor Visas     £800
Passport & Travel Document Applications        £600
Consultation Fee    £150
Tier 2 General (in country and out country)    £1500
Entry clearance (Visa) Application                £1000
Leave to Remain (visa extension – excluding Tier 2 & 5)      £1000
Other visa (Restricted leave)    £650
Pre-registration compliance audit at employer’s premises     £450 – up to half a day
Sponsorship licence               £2500
Initial appraisal (review refusal letter)    Free
Preparation & lodging of appeal for the Tribunal Hearing   £850
Court hearing (paper hearing)           £300
Court hearing (attendance hearing)    £600
Administrative Reviews                     £500
Asylum (up to the stage of Home Office decision)    £1500
Businessperson – Investor and Retired person          £1000
Extension of stay/ILR for rights of Access to Child    £850
Fresh Asylum/Human Right/Humanitarian             £1000
Bail applications – Including Representation at Tribunal                   £1000
Removal & Deportation cases including representation at Tribunal    £2500


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