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It means, for your application package, you will receive UNLIMITED advice and guidance from beginning to the point of receiving a decision from the Home Office.


Our goal is to give you the maximum peace of mind so you can spend your valuable time on other important things in your live.


If you have any question, please contact us here and we will be happy to help.

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If you are a foreign national or have a family connection with someone who is, you’ll come to realise that securing your immigration status in the UK is important and has the potential to be a key moment in your life. For some people, as we have seen, this moment will turn out to be a life changing experience, and although for most people, this will be a positive experience, we continue to see cases where the experience is in fact the worse kind. Emotionally it can be challenging, socially destructive and financially unbearable.


At LSS Legal we have both the practical experience and legal acumen to help you navigate the UK Immigration rules and make your experience as seamless as possible. We guide you every step of the way, with a degree of flexibility that allows you to continue your normal life while sorting out your immigration status and all at the most affordable cost.

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UK Immigration Rules are not only complex but they are continually changing which makes it extremely difficult even for professionals to keep up with. At LSS Legal, through our services, One-off AdviceHome Office Application, or Application Checking Service we can help you with all your immigration needs while giving you the necessary support and guidance to concentrate on what really matters to you. We can advise you even if you are not in the UK, for instance, if you are not in the UK and your wife/husband or family is in the UK we can advise them and make submissions to the Home Office on their behalf.

Sadly, with every change of government, immigration seems to change rather dramatically with every Home Secretary seemingly trying to take a different approach to their predecessors. 

The transitional period for UK leaving the EU ended 31 Dec 2020 at 11pm. Very important to remember this date as it has a lot implication on various applications that can be made under Appendix EU of the Immigration Rules. These are the set of rules which replace most of the EEA Regulations which gave EU citizens and their family members the rights to enter and leave in the UK as part of what was called "Free Movement".

We are now in the grace period of the UK's road to exiting the EU. By now, you might be a bit confused as to the different periods and why the fuss. Well, they are all very important because it could be the difference of getting leave under the EU Rules (replaced but still very generous) or the usual Immigration Rules (very harsh). The grace period ends 30 June 2021. If you are an EU citizen in the UK or family member of such a person in UK, it is strongly recommended that you take action and make use of the provisions of the EU Settlement Scheme. All applications are FREE. 

There are a lot of uncertainties for many people for endless reasons. At LSS Legal, we aim to give you clear, simple and realistic advice whatever your situation. We have a bespoke advice and guidance system for EU citizens and their family members among our comprehensive Immigration advice packages. 

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