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UK visit visa success story

Another successful UK visit visa for our clients. That is 3 in 2 months all from 3 different countries, Nigeria, Sierra Leon, and Gambia. In 2 of the 3 applications, the applicants were previously refused twice each before coming to us for help. They were also parents of adults who are living and settled in the UK. Situations where you will think the Home Office should be more thoughtful and considerate.

UK Visit visas are notoriously difficult to get especially from some countries which the Home Office regard as high risk for migrants overstaying their visas. In almost all cases, the reason for refusal is usually we don’t believe you will return to your country because….and they can pick any number of reasons. It does not matter really what reason they pick. That is because the Home Office has absolute discretion in these types of applications whether to grant visa or not. Their guidance on visit visas is vague for the most part. This makes it very difficult to understand what they want for a successful application. There is no proper recourse other than to reapply once an application is refused. Again, as an applicant you are on the back foot and certainly the onus is on you to provide the required information and evidence to support a successful application.

We have a highly experienced team of lawyers who have been successful in the most unlikely of scenarios. If you are thinking of inviting a family member or a friend for a visit, then we suggest you think through it carefully and have a strong application prepared. If done right, you should be successful. Contact us today for more information.

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