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A Real Life Experience of our customer

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

"I am a Gambia living in the United Kingdom. The past years have been a struggle, my relationship with my ex-spouse has been abusive and controlling. I had gone through emotional, mental and psychological abuse. Like most people I stayed in the relationship because I want to make it work despite the constant threats of deportation.

My relationship came to a breaking point last year leading to me fleeing my marital home. I was offered help by various institutions and to this day still receiving mental health support due to the abuse.

As a man I want it be known there is no shame in seeking and accepting help and yes, men also get abuse. The fact that it is tabooed in our society has had a negative impact in the lives of many young Gambian men that are in abusive relationships. Most stayed silent because of fear, limited immigration status and how society will perceive them. I was one of them and it cost me a lot.

After coming out of the relationship I was face with immigration issues and how to change my status since I was on a limited leave status base on my spouse sponsorship. I was confused and distress on top of what I was already going through. A friend of mine mention a post on What’s On Gambia about an Immigration Law firm base in the UK called LSS Legal.

I reached out in the evening outside of working hours through the website posted on What’s On Gambia. Barely 15 minutes, I received a called back from one of their advisers and we spoke for 30 minutes or more. From the first call I was made to feel at ease. I was listened to and sympathise with. Not only did that help with regards to my immigration issues but for the first time since my ordeal I was talking to a fellow Gambian that could relate on all levels.

LSS worked with me through the whole process of my applications. They give timely advice, and I was put on tract in collating all the necessary documents to accompany my application. Their fee was almost a giveaway and I could pay through instalment so I can focus on more pressing issues.

My application when through and within weeks I was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Most people know UK is not the best place to live illegally but they have a fair and just immigration system. If you are thinking about visiting the UK or coming for studies, I will recommend you be in contact with LSS Legal. If you are married to a Gambian and on the process of bringing them over, please be in contact with them for timely advices. Likewise, those in the UK without status, take the right step in regularising your status and LSS Legal is the right place.

Finally, I will give credit to What’s On Gambia for posting that Ad and hope Gambian will make use of what is ours and support LSS Legal.


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