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Fixed Penalty Notice may disqualify you from Naturalisation?

Naturalisation is a key moment in the immigration life circle of most people simply because it is a further affirmation of intention to make Britain your main home of residence, assimilating fully into the British life style and values and participating fully into civic society. Considering 33,000 penalty notices are issued every day, with up to twelve million driving licence holders receiving a penalty notice each year – the equivalent of one every 2.5 seconds it is very vital to note how this can result to you being barred from naturalisation. I have had a few questions on this and the issue sit under the Good Character requirement of the British Nationality Act 1981 - see the guidance here

The application form requires you to disclose this information which means failure to do so could lead to an even further charge of misleading the authorities. So if you have one of this FPN in the post, take them seriously or you could be looking at a potential for missing out on naturalisation. For more information on this and any other immigration matter, you can contact us here.

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