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Below is the guidance published by the Government on the introduction of the new visa for health care professionals. Fair to day is interesting and looks good for the NHS.

"The Government is committed to introducing a ‘Health and Care Visa’ for qualified doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who have been trained to a recognised standard and who have good working English. The scope of the visa was extended to include eligible persons working in the social care sector. The benefits for such workers are fast-track entry, reduced visa fees and dedicated support to come to the UK with their families. In addition, as announced by the Prime Minister on 21 May, people applying for the Health and Care Visa, and their dependant family, are exempt from paying the Immigration Health Surcharge. This offer will form part of the Tier 2 (General) regime for skilled workers. The Skilled Worker route will launch later this year ahead of the end of the transition Period. The Health and Care Visa was launched on 4 August 2020."

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Check out further details here

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